Splice and the future of plugins

spliceSplice, the cloud collaboration platform have announced a 1-click plugin purchase experience. they say “Starting now, Splice has integrated instant plugin purchases and growing collection of free plugins throughout the site, making it even easier to record your ideas with fresh new sounds the moment inspiration strikes.  We’ve partnered with a number of prominent manufacturers for this initial offering, including Xfer Records, Voxengo, Cableguys, Blue Cat Audio, FXpansion and Tokyo Dawn Records, with many more to come soon.  If you are working with a collaborator who has a plugin you don’t, you can immediately get the plugin and not have to worry about freezing tracks or bouncing audio stems before you are ready.” if you decide you want to buy a plug in that a collaborator has used in a session this seems like a hassle free way of getting it with Splice providing access to installers and licenses. more interestingly they say they are announcing their plugin SDK “which will soon allow for new models of plugin distribution like subscription and rental”

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