musiclapsMusiclaps is a Japanese / Korean OMC site. its community based site with some of the usual expected features you see on these kinds of sites. this one is quite unusual in some aspects of the layout but essentially once you create a profile you can create new songs on the site or enter info collaborations on existing songs. Most the tracks are posted on the site as “Open Collab” meaning anyone can participate in the project. There is also “Requesting Collab” which is where the project owner can request specific types of talent they need to add to the track. When you want to start a new collaboration you can upload an mp3 or you can use the browser based Recording Player to record your instrument directly via your soundcard. Once you have saved your work it will be uploaded to the project. The project pages themselves are quite unusual (heres where they have a very Japanese / Korean look to them). There are a series of icons identifying each instrument playing which are visible showing audio levels for each as the track plays. There are also some floating instrument type icons which sort of pulse along with the music and some of them seem to display comments when you hover over them. anyway if this sound interesting to you sign up and see!

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