Soundtrap is another familiar OMC site that uses a social / community based system and a built in browser based DAW for making music. I have touched on a few sites that use a built in DAW like Soundation, Scratchaudio, Nebulus, Composr and more!. Soundtrap seem to have raised the bar a bit here as the browser based DAW is pretty sophisticated with plenty of features you would expect from a stand alone application. i wont go into mentioning all of them but you can expect a selection of virtual instruments,a builtĀ in loop library (or import your own audio files), built in FX (including FX chaining!), and some pretty nifty editing tools which a usually a bit limited on these Cloud based DAWs. On the Online Collaboration front you can interact with other users live in a session using text chat or built in video chat. it looks like you can only interact with one other user using video chat but not 100% sure about this. when a remote user adds something you will be notified with a pop up informing you they have made changes. Soundtrap has the usual account type scale going from free to premium. theres certainly enough to play with using the free account and if you decide you want more you can upgrade and get access to more loops, drumkits or session space. in terms of doing everything online (without jumping out of the site to do stuff in a DAW application) this looks like a pretty serious yet fun tool and well worth a check.

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