FindMySong is another new service for Online Music Collaboration with a pretty familiar theme and look. this market is starting to get quiet crowded now but looks like they have quite a slick package here and a well laid out site with good level of help and support too. all the familiar traits are here. create profile, browse site to find musicians, collaborate and share project files. it looks like they have put some work into their musician discovery system and they say ‘We built our discovery system from the ground up so you can connect with people who love the music you love’. so maybe they could have an edge in terms of finding the right sort of collaborators. They also seem to have their own system of managing copy right on songs you have co-writtenwith others. this has got to be worth a look if you perhaps have not yet found the perfect OMC solution yet for you or perhaps if you want to see if theres anything better out there.

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