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Sync Jams

Matt Black of Coldcut / Ninjatune fame and now music app developer (Ninja Jamm) has been working away behind the scenes on Sync Jam!. the idea being that you can seamlessly synchronise a series of mobile devices using an available

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Groovecloud for Android update

Groovecloud the ‘social beat maker for Android’ which is very good indeed has updated to version 1.9. some of the new features are new session browser with a search function added now, splash screen redesign, new navigation buttons for song

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Users of Reason 8.1 and other propellerhead apps (Take, Figure) can now all collaborate with each other using the drop to propellerhead feature. Users of Reason can use a ‘Drop to Propellerhead’ function and users of Take and Figure can

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Saloote is more of a fun social media experiement rather than a serious Online Music Collaboration app but giving it a mention here anyhow. available for ipad or iphone the idea seems to be that you select a song (from

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Wholeworldband is a new iPad and Iphone app for Online Collaboration with audio and video and has some big names already amongst its users – Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Dave Stewart

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VST Connect Performer For iPad

Some of you may have already read about VST Connect Performer if you have looked at the DAE Built In section under the ‘How’ menu of the site. Briefly VST Connect Performer allows users of Cubase to collaborate with any

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Instajams is described as ‘the first real-time jamming app for your iPad’. The idea is that you have an interface in the form of a step sequencer which has dedicated bass and melody tracks. If you want to hone your

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