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Sync Jams

Matt Black of Coldcut / Ninjatune fame and now music app developer (Ninja Jamm) has been working away behind the scenes on Sync Jam!. the idea being that you can seamlessly synchronise a series of mobile devices using an available

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ROLI acquire Blend

ROLI is a Hardware / Software technology start up based in London who specialise in design led interactive technologies. Check out their Grand soft keyboard. ROLI have acquired Blend, an OMC app we have mentioned a number of times on

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Garageband Jam Session

Garageband users on Laptop / iPad and iPhone can now engage in a live wireless jam if they are using a shared internet connection. The feature is called ‘Jam Session’. This has been included since version 1.2. The idea being

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Social Network and Collaboration – Propellerhead

If you scroll back through the archives of this site you will come across a post i did about ‘Drop-to-Propellerhead’ which was an announcement about a new collaborative feature enabling users to upload songs to propellerheads website for collaboration. i

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Musistic facilitates OMC in the form of a plug-in (Audio Unit / VST) so its not platform specific. this works along the lines of VST Connect performer and Source Elements Source Connect which we have spoken about in the past.

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Cloud Collaboration comes to Pro Tools 12

Pro tools has had methods of Online Music Collaboration in the past but looks like they are taking a fresh approach with Pro Tools 12 and introducing Cloud Collaboration. This is familiar to other solutions i have been posting about

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Splice and the future of plugins

Splice, the cloud collaboration platform have announced a 1-click plugin purchase experience. they say “Starting now, Splice has integrated instant plugin purchases and growing collection of free plugins throughout the site, making it even easier to record your ideas with

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Users of Reason 8.1 and other propellerhead apps (Take, Figure) can now all collaborate with each other using the drop to propellerhead feature. Users of Reason can use a ‘Drop to Propellerhead’ function and users of Take and Figure can

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VST Connect Performer For iPad

Some of you may have already read about VST Connect Performer if you have looked at the DAE Built In section under the ‘How’ menu of the site. Briefly VST Connect Performer allows users of Cubase to collaborate with any

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A new multi platform music production system that looks in competition with Ableton Live. Some interesting looking features on the Online Collaboration front that look promising are LAN multi user jamming and Multi user production over the internet!.These features are

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