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Drooble looks to be a one stop shop for any type of musical collaboration online as well as a social networking platform / band page. Theres quite a lot so just a quick overview of some of the features. You

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Looplabs is a new Cloud based Multi-Track DAW with a collaborative / remix angle. There are a number of Cloud based studios in this sort of vein out there now that i have mentioned on the site like Pickasound, Sofasession

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Introducing Sofasession

Sofasession looks like another contender in a familiar Online Music Collaboration theme, but they have another trick up their sleeve! – Live Real-time jamming! . To use Sofasession you have to install their software (Windows or Mac) and i suspect

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Hookist is a form of Online Music Collaboration where fans can collaborate with established artists by submitting lyrics. The artist can choose the lyrics that inspire them most and build a new song around it creating a music collaboration between

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Blend add support for 3 more DAWs

Blend the sophisticated Online Music Collaboration app that allows you to collaborate using your favourite DAW and Dropbox has now added support for Cubase, Nuendo and Bitwig Studio. that brings them to a total of 10 DAWs supported which is

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Splice and the future of plugins

Splice, the cloud collaboration platform have announced a 1-click plugin purchase experience. they say “Starting now, Splice has integrated instant plugin purchases and growing collection of free plugins throughout the site, making it even easier to record your ideas with

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Logic Pro X and FL Studio added to Splice!

For those that are lucky enough to be on the beta program for Splice, news is they have added Logic Pro X and Fruity Loops studio support!. They say in their announcement that for those still on the waiting list

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Splice is a new app on the scene for OMC and they claim – ‘Create fearlessly and collaborate easily using your favorite DAWs and plugins’. Splice is currently in Beta but sign up on the website to get added to

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Online Music Collaboration solutions appear to be getting more slick and sophisticated (and hopefully more user friendly!). BLEND.IO are reletively new kids on the scene. this one works with dropbox integration and supports a number of the major DAW’s with

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