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Users of Reason 8.1 and other propellerhead apps (Take, Figure) can now all collaborate with each other using the drop to propellerhead feature. Users of Reason can use a ‘Drop to Propellerhead’ function and users of Take and Figure can

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Composr is a DAW in the Cloud. at the moment the features are pretty basic but once you log in to Composr with your own user name and password (or log in with Facebook) you can browse the site for

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Groove Cloud

Groove Cloud is a new Android only (currently) app who’s motto is “Groove Socially!’. its currently in Open Beta and a free download. Online Collaboration aside its already a really good environment for creating good tracks featuring a Sequencer /

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Chris Wilson – Browser Music

Heres an interesting interview with Chris Wilson who currently works at Google and has been working with web browsers since 1993. he is currently leading the Web Audio API team. here he discusses the current state of Web Audio and

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Collabra is a Louisville start up who have created this Cloud based tool for Online Music Collaboaration. it appears to work in the usual sort of way i.e. upload your parts and allow others to add parts or tweaks. Although

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Instajams is described as ‘the first real-time jamming app for your iPad’. The idea is that you have an interface in the form of a step sequencer which has dedicated bass and melody tracks. If you want to hone your

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Jam with Chrome

Brought to you by the guys at Google Jam with Chrome is “a collaborative live music experience in your browser that makes use of several web technologies and google products to allow you and up to three of your friends

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This is a pretty straight forward but fun approach to Online Music Collaboration. Go to Multiplayerpiano and your taken to a screen with a virtual piano keyboard. You have landed in the virtual Lobby and you might notice theres probably

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JPC 2000 – MPC Clone

Sorry mate didnt hear the phone i was banging about on my MPC

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Plink is a rather unique way of performing Online Music Collaboration. its aimed more than being a bit of fun rather than a serious tool. Enter your user name and your taken to the music making screen. a cross between

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