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Musiclaps is a Japanese / Korean OMC site. its community based site with some of the usual expected features you see on these kinds of sites. this one is quite unusual in some aspects of the layout but essentially once

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Jamly is more of a fun video oriented Online Music Collaboration site. when you get to the site you can create a profile or simply sign in with Facebook. Collaborations take the form of simple video playback windows. you can

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Soundtrap is another familiar OMC site that uses a social / community based system and a built in browser based DAW for making music. I have touched on a few sites that use a built in DAW like Soundation, Scratchaudio,

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Audiocommon is another OMC service using a by now very familiar theme – An artists community site where you can create a profile and host and manage music projects using the control panel and project pages of the site. aside

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FindMySong is another new service for Online Music Collaboration with a pretty familiar theme and look. this market is starting to get quiet crowded now but looks like they have quite a slick package here and a well laid out

Posted in Cloud Based, OMC services is another Cloud Based Online Music Collaboration solution in the form of an online multi-track recorder / sequencer space (called A Studio in Nebulus). Nebulus has all of the usual features including a personal profile page and ability to

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Mixluv is another addition to the community / collaboration / OMC Services model we are seeing crop up more and more. After reaching their funding goal through Kickstarter they are preparing to go live this year. so what have they

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Cloud Collaboration comes to Pro Tools 12

Pro tools has had methods of Online Music Collaboration in the past but looks like they are taking a fresh approach with Pro Tools 12 and introducing Cloud Collaboration. This is familiar to other solutions i have been posting about

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SongSilo is a basic cloud based multitrack sequencer where you can record tracks. When you sign in you have a home studio screen called ‘My Silo’. here you can create a new project. choose a project name and you also

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Splice and the future of plugins

Splice, the cloud collaboration platform have announced a 1-click plugin purchase experience. they say “Starting now, Splice has integrated instant plugin purchases and growing collection of free plugins throughout the site, making it even easier to record your ideas with

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