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Flashband is a social networking platform specifically aimed at musicians. These guys have been around since 2012 it seems but they have relaunched with more features and more ways to connect with other musicians. A basic outline of how they

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Songtree is a new Online Music Collaboration app with a nice twist. download the app and sign in with Facebook, Google+ or create new profile. Once your in you can browse a list of songs or browse by genre. you

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Social Network and Collaboration – Propellerhead

If you scroll back through the archives of this site you will come across a post i did about ‘Drop-to-Propellerhead’ which was an announcement about a new collaborative feature enabling users to upload songs to propellerheads website for collaboration. i

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Stumbled accross Kadenze which is a new Online Learning Platform. they have a very interesting selection of courses especially for someone into sound and digital audio. Most interesting for me is a course called “Online Jamming and Concert Technology”. The

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Hookist is a form of Online Music Collaboration where fans can collaborate with established artists by submitting lyrics. The artist can choose the lyrics that inspire them most and build a new song around it creating a music collaboration between

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Soundtrap is another familiar OMC site that uses a social / community based system and a built in browser based DAW for making music. I have touched on a few sites that use a built in DAW like Soundation, Scratchaudio,

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Audiocommon is another OMC service using a by now very familiar theme – An artists community site where you can create a profile and host and manage music projects using the control panel and project pages of the site. aside

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Online Music Collaboration – Sound Advice

Andrea Pejrolo, score composer and music producer based in the United States has written a very comprehensive article about Online Music Collaboration for Sound On Sound magazine. The article will be of use to anybody interested in OMC but may

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Bandlab looks to be very much a cloud based environment for Online Music Collaboration. right now i am on a waiting list for open beta so this information is simply what i have gleamed or surmised from their intro webpage

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Collaborate about Climate Change!

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, a non profit organisation whose mission is to preserve and protect the Hudson River have launched the ‘Clearwater Build-A-Song contest’. The basic idea behind it being using Online Music Collaboration to build a song to help

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