Introducing Sofasession

sofasessionSofasession looks like another contender in a familiar Online Music Collaboration theme, but they have another trick up their sleeve! – Live Real-time jamming! . To use Sofasession you have to install their software (Windows or Mac) and i suspect this is to facilitate their Real-time jamming feature?. The familiar features are all in place – Create free account, log in, search for users or interesting sessions. If you find a session you like your presented with a mixer view (in the session view page) where you can listen to the session track by track and adjust the mix with faders. if you like it go ahead and create a track for yourself and make a contribution. if your happy with it upload it to the session. Theres also a handy timeline view in the session page where you can see the track history and listen to it at various stages of the sessions history. Read more ›

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Mixluv is Live

Mixluv the “social platform that provides musicians, songwriters and engineers the ability to meet, collaborate, and manage their world of music online” that i posted about on the site back in January has now gone live. Head over to the site and create a free account and check it out. theres already a few projects there waiting for collaborators!

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Songtree-logo-black2Songtree is a new Online Music Collaboration app with a nice twist. download the app and sign in with Facebook, Google+ or create new profile. Once your in you can browse a list of songs or browse by genre. you can also browse a nice selection of loops you can work with. If you like either the song or the loop you can add them to your Songtree audio editor. Here you can add your part (to an existing song) or start a Read more ›

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songspace_2Songspace is a collaboration tool like all of the other sites / apps i have mentioned of course but coming from a slightly different angle. The onus here is to use the site or app to get your ideas / lyrics or notes for a project going and essentially all contained in one space so its not scattered all over the place. Then you come together with other participants in a real space to record your project / song. You can upload audio files or record them straight in if inspiration strikes. you can type in lyrics. Also you can use the app to embed other information like publishing splits each of the participants get. Theres a free version but also some priced versions targeted at pro or business users. I had a quick go of the app on my iPad. its quite tidy with a nice clean look / feel but seemed to be a bit Read more ›

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Garageband Jam Session

garagebandGarageband users on Laptop / iPad and iPhone can now engage in a live wireless jam if they are using a shared internet connection. The feature is called ‘Jam Session’. This has been included since version 1.2. The idea being all the users in a session can connect to a Host device which creates the session and which can also record the Jam in progress. The host device user can press a ‘Jam Session’ icon in Garageband to create a session. then other users can also press the ‘Jam Session’ button to join a session. Read more ›

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Social Network and Collaboration – Propellerhead

propellerheadIf you scroll back through the archives of this site you will come across a post i did about ‘Drop-to-Propellerhead’ which was an announcement about a new collaborative feature enabling users to upload songs to propellerheads website for collaboration. i came across this article by Nick Messitte investigating this break into Social Networking by Propellerhead using their Collaboration platform. the article looks out how the system has evolved now enabling Read more ›

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KadenzeStumbled accross Kadenze which is a new Online Learning Platform. they have a very interesting selection of courses especially for someone into sound and digital audio. Most interesting for me is a course called “Online Jamming and Concert Technology”. The course is instructed by Chris Chafe – composer, improvisor and cellist who also does computer based research. It looks as though the course is leaning towards real time collaboration as they are using an app called Jacktrip which is for this very kind of setup. The course is broken down into 5 sections – Basics and Setup, Jacktrip Application + Connection, Debugging, Polish and Practice and Future. Im seriously considering enrolling myself! Read more ›

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procollabsProCollabs is an Online Music Collaboration site with a by now familiar layout but whose target audience is the serious / pro musician who wants to enter into a collaboration / project knowing ‘writing, performance, and production credits, as well as copyright shares in the songwriting and sound recording’ are fully agreed to and laid out before a project is created. The Creative Commons licensing system is normally used in Online Collaboration sites but ProCollabs seem to be taking this a stage further. At the moment its in Beta but when its up and running its going to be paid membership system. on the paying system ProCollabs say ‘By limiting our community to paid members only, we are able to minimise the likelihood of having the community overrun by individuals who are simply Read more ›

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musiclapsMusiclaps is a Japanese / Korean OMC site. its community based site with some of the usual expected features you see on these kinds of sites. this one is quite unusual in some aspects of the layout but essentially once you create a profile you can create new songs on the site or enter info collaborations on existing songs. Most the tracks are posted on the site as “Open Collab” meaning anyone can participate in the project. There is also “Requesting Collab” which is where the project owner can request specific types of talent they need to add to the track. When you want to start a new collaboration you can upload an mp3 or you can use the browser based Recording Player to record your instrument directly via your soundcard. Read more ›

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HookistHookist is a form of Online Music Collaboration where fans can collaborate with established artists by submitting lyrics. The artist can choose the lyrics that inspire them most and build a new song around it creating a music collaboration between artist and fan. Im not 100% sure how it works exactly but from a brief peruse of the site it seems you must be a signed up member of the community to submit lyrics, comment or vote. you need credits to submit lyrics and you get 7 free credits for signing up. otherwise they say you can earn more by “answering trivia questions” or by simply buying more. When you go to the site there are “Songs in progress” you can check out or you can Read more ›

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