Cloud Based

Cloud Based



Most of you are probably aware of and already using Cloud Based Apps. These are apps that run and are hosted on a remote server and that you access and use via your web browser. In the context of Online Music Collaboration there are a number of Sequencer / Digital Audio Workstations which run in the Cloud. These are not as advanced as DAWs you install on your local machine but you have the advantage of being to access them any time and on any machine provided it is connected to the internet.

Some of these sites employ a familiar model which is very social-centric and community based. you can post and share songs with other members in the community. here are a few of them –

Mantis / Indaba



Indaba is a musician networking site with Online Collaboration at its heart. As far as the OMC side of the site is concerned, you can start your own project and then invite other users in the community to participate. There seem to be two ways to do it now. You can record parts on your local machine and upload them to the session file browser for other users to download, or you can use the Built in Sequencer (which has now been moved to the Labs section of the site) called Mantis and work directly in the sequencer there. You can record audio via your soundcard directly into Mantis as well as uploading your own audio files. You can also browse their own library of sounds from within Mantis and add to the session



A relatively simple site. Create a profile and launch the built in sequencer and start making music. Once you launch the sequencer you can create and record tracks via your own instruments using your soundcard or you can use built in sounds from the scratch audio library. basic effects are available on each track as well as basic eq. When you hit the session save button you have the option to publish the track to the site for other people to hear or send an invitation to another user to collaborate on the session. find out more and try it at their site




Audiotool is a modular music sequencer much like reason or reaktor straight from your browser!. drag various modules (synths/samplers/fx/drum machines) onto the work area and hook them up with virtual cables. there is also a built in timeline editor so you can build up a sequence. once you have something your happy with you can post the track to the community. in terms of collaboration this app is not fully built around that, but you can offer your work for remix so any other user can download your project and add to or change and then post back to you




Soundation is a site based mainly around the Soundation sequencer app. create a user profile and launch the sequencer to start making music. options to record audio straight to a track via your soundcard are available as well as the option to import audio files from your hard drive or from the built in library of sounds. Soundation has a good selection of effects available for each track and also has a built in synth which you can record sounds from onto a midi track. In terms of online collaboration you can export your track as an .sng file and send them to someone which they can then import into their Soundation. also all the usual features like posting your song to the community exist