Real Time

Real Time


Real-Time jamming OMC is something that has only become feasible in the last 5 years or so as internet uplink speeds have increased to suitable levels. Previous to that the latency introduced by the journey of the digital signal across the internet made it impractical to perform any kind of live real-time jam. As the name (Real Time) suggests the collaborators play together in ‘Real Time’ i.e. as if they are in the same room. Real Time OMC solutions usually use some sort of visual feedback like a webcam so musicians can see each other as well to take cues and so on.


Ninjam (also mentioned in Stand alone and DAE built in) is a tool for real-time jamming with other people world wide. It comes bundled with reaper or you can download it as a stand alone application. Ninjam works by connecting to a Ninjam server (you can run your own server from your computer or connect to someone else’s). Once connected you can hear the live jam in process or initiate one yourself. Ninjam is not strictly real-time. An artificial synced delay in introduced but once you get a feel for it you can work with it and jam with others without issues



eJamming is a tool that allows you to have a live jam with online with up to three other people (4 total). Use the eJamming software to connect with other musicians and live jam or switch to the VRS (Virtual Recording Studio) mode and use the 16 track sequencer to record you and your session partners track by track down to the VRS.Go find out more at their site


SoundJack is a piece of software that allows real-time collaboration with other users the world over. The user interface is functional and doesn’t look that pretty but it does what it says on the tin. You can connect to other users in two different ways – Server based mode and Peer to Peer mode. In server mode you can see other users on the network and connect with them (by calling them) to start a jam. In p2p mode you must manually enter the IP address of the person you want to connect to. The software has a chat window built in and you can also stream video as well as see the video of the other participants in the session. go to their Page to find out more