OMC Services

OMC Services


These are websites that provide a music collaboration service. Some are more sophisticated than others. The basic premise being you create an artist profile and can browse other artist profiles on the site looking for people to collaborate with on music projects. There is usually a project / session page for the specific project you are working on where you can send the project parts to other members and post mixdowns of the project in progress. Some are a little more advanced and have plug in or application you install for recording and collaborating with other people. Again the list of these kinds of sites is ever growing but here are a few I know of

Digital Musician

A self contained online collaboration network / community here. create a profile on their site. browse and listen to projects currently live on the site and ask to join the project if you like it or alternatively browse the other artist profiles and if you come across someone you like request a collaboration. use their very own digital musician container stand alone app / multi track sequencer to collaborate on projects or upload your contributions to the project page for the song


Brought to you by Sonoma Wireworks. another artist community based site. create a musicians profile and browse the site for projects to join or create your own project and invite other artists to join. use the Sonoma Riffworks (with Rifflink) stand alone app to record and collaborate with other musicians. They say on their site – ” As a Riff layer is recorded, it streams to other players. As the Riff loops, players can add layers to the Riff without latency or distance issues. Contributions are saved on the RiffLink server, and can be opened later in RiffWorks to continue recording. Chat about the song with collaborators on the collaboration’s RiffWorld page or directly inside RiffWorks while you play”


Gaining popularity and users all the time. create a user profile and browse the collaborations on the site. if you like what you hear download all the stems from the session, load em up in your sequencer and add your parts!. have your say or browse what other members are saying in the community section of the site.


A comprehensive and full featured collaboration site. operates on same sort of premise as others – Create profile, browse community or projects and join projects or start your own. They also have a comprehensive artists tool box and many cool features for finding or promoting your projects. they also have a very good feature that allows you to embed a copyright seal into your song so you can protect your work