Stand Alone

Stand Alone Apps / Plug-ins for OMC



Brought to you by those funky guys at Ohmforce this an audio sequencer built from the ground up for Online Collaboration. Use the app in conjunction with the website to browse other users and projects. find a project that looks interesting and join it. once your in a session theres a built in chat interface to talk to other users in the session. just do your thing and it seamlessly sends a receives audio from the server as you work. find out more at their site


VST / Audio Unit Plug In.T-u-b-e is used to combine audio streams from different users. One user acts as a server and other users can send their live audio streams to the server who combines the summed streams as one output. Not so useful as a live jamming tool because of the inherent delay / latency caused by the internet transmission but could be used for experimental sound installations or similar.


A stand alone version of Ninjam. See our description of Ninjam over in the DAE built in section.

Digital Musician Container

This a sequencer and multitrack recorder with built in OMC capability which is integrated into digital (who we will discuss further in the OMC services section of the site). digital musician members can launch the container and jam and record with other participants in real time (this would require a pretty fast connection though). head over to their site to find out more