File Sharing

File Sharing



I guess you could say this is a kind of no thrills way of doing Online Music Collaboration without some of the bells and whistles you get with dedicated OMC services I will mention later. You have a piece of music as an audio file or maybe some other formats i.e. a reason song file etc. Now you just need to send the file to someone so they can hear it

Dropbox / Yousendit / Sendspace ect


These are websites for file sharing. Dropbox is an actual application you install on your computer. They work on a simple theory of selecting a file and uploading the file. Then the person who you wish to send the file to gets an email with a link allowing them to download the file

Instant Messaging File Share Feature


If any one here uses an instant messaging program like MSN messenger or Google talk or Skype then you can use the ‘send file’ function in those programs to send your music to the other collaborators. These could tie in nicely as you will already have a direct connection established via the chat or video link



Im sure most people reading this will have heard of SoundCloud. for those that don’t its a Social Networking site geared towards audio.You can host and share all your audio creations and it ties in with all the other major social networking sites. for now just looking at it from a simple file sharing perspective, you can upload audio tracks to your user profile and other users can download and/or listen to those files online



Gobbler is quite an exiting new development that can be used for OMC. It’s a service for backing up all your audio and sound projects from your computer to a central server but can also be used to send projects to other people. Could be very useful for people who want to collaborate who use the same audio application. Its getting more advanced all the time. best bet head over to their website to find out more