DroobleDrooble looks to be a one stop shop for any type of musical collaboration online as well as a social networking platform / band page. Theres quite a lot so just a quick overview of some of the features. You can log straight into Drooble with an existing Facebook account or just create a new Drooble account. Once your logged in your presented with a familiar looking social feed and there seems to be lots of activity already. Here you can see posts about a number of different things, from posting to promote a band to requests for musicians to join projects or someone posting because they want to jam with someone. These guys look to be making Drooble an over-arching hub for everything you need to manage your musical identity and projects online. In no particular order you can firstly create a personal profile or create a Band Page. Then you can do the usual things i.e. post news of upcoming activities or promote yourselves. Also if your just a fan you can use Drooble to follow your favourite bands. If you want to Jam with someone online they have the ‘Jam with someone’ feature. Here you can enter some basic info outlining what you play and what genres you prefer and then submit a request to ‘search for Jammers’. Presumably you will have some replies and then you can live jam with that person in a video chat window. I have not tried this yet but i imagine as per other ‘Real-time jamming’ technologies we have looked at this would require a pretty fast connection for it to work properly. One other nice feature they have is the ability to use the Platform to provide music lessons as a Teacher or of course look for a teacher and it looks like the site facilitates payment and pricing for the teacher as well. There is more to the site than i have touched on but of course go and take a look and see if this interests you

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