looplabsLooplabs is a new Cloud based Multi-Track DAW with a collaborative / remix angle. There are a number of Cloud based studios in this sort of vein out there now that i have mentioned on the site like Pickasound, Sofasession and Soundtrap but lets look out what these guys have to offer. Create a profile and tell the site what sort of genres your into and what instruments you play. You can explore the site to see what tracks other users have submitted or head straight to the studio page and launch the online studio. The studio aspect is pretty slick with some good features and plans for new features so wont go into all of them but there are some pretty nifty sample editing, track automation, FX , tempo and key editing and recording options for putting a pretty good song arrangement together. Once your landed in the studio page you have access to a built in sample library with thousands of beat and harmonic matched sounds so you pretty much (almost!) cant go wrong!. Also from within the studio (or anywhere on the site) there is the connect button which opens a window and shows a list of users or public channels you can connect to and talk to people. Theres a nifty little feature where you can lift a track from a session you are working on and drop it on one of the users in your connect window thereby sharing the track for them to edit or remix. In terms of actual Online Collaboration from what i can tell (i might be wrong) there doesent seem to be a way to actually collaborate with someone on same session at the same time but you can share tracks as per above or remix other users tracks so i suppose you can pass them back and forth that way. Anyway this is a pretty nifty solution for writing and sharing tunes on the go in your browser and well worth going to have a look

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