pickasound2Pickasound is the brainchild of Toju Ometoruwa. he has spent 5 years promoting his music through social networks but realised creating music in isolation was limiting his ability to reach full potential. Pickasound has been targeted at ‘amateur musicians, producers and non-musicians’ . The idea being they sample and remix each others work and collaborate across genres. Pickasound has a very cool feature which makes it stand out from other Online Music Collaboration applications. The ability to use automatic beat matching technology . The result of this is that sounds from different genres of music at different tempos can be matched to create some unique ideas. of course all this is nothing new but great to see in use using Online Music Collaboration which is something that allows cross genre ideas to really come to fruition. Some other nice features are things like parts being automatically copyrighted using creative commons licence and the ability to pull samples / sounds out of other track and add to your library for new tracks or for remix. head over to the site to watch the intro video and sign up for beta.

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