Introducing Sofasession

sofasessionSofasession looks like another contender in a familiar Online Music Collaboration theme, but they have another trick up their sleeve! – Live Real-time jamming! . To use Sofasession you have to install their software (Windows or Mac) and i suspect this is to facilitate their Real-time jamming feature?. The familiar features are all in place – Create free account, log in, search for users or interesting sessions. If you find a session you like your presented with a mixer view (in the session view page) where you can listen to the session track by track and adjust the mix with faders. if you like it go ahead and create a track for yourself and make a contribution. if your happy with it upload it to the session. Theres also a handy timeline view in the session page where you can see the track history and listen to it at various stages of the sessions history.

Now to the Live Session feature. In the example video on Youtube a pre recorded session on the website was chosen as the backing track for the live jam. You can invite a user to the session using an invite feature. Once in all participating users can create a track and you can all hear each other in real-time (or as close as your going to get with your internet connection). They say “with a conventional internet connection you can host sessions of up to 5 people”. I know other Real-time Jamming solutions i have seen have specified a really fast internet connection to avoid latency issues so would be interested to see how well this works on a normal Broadband connection but they say it will work ok. I have not had a chance to test this but would be interesting to see. Anyway this looks well worth a look and the Real-time feature certainly could win lots of cred points!

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