Songtree-logo-black2Songtree is a new Online Music Collaboration app with a nice twist. download the app and sign in with Facebook, Google+ or create new profile. Once your in you can browse a list of songs or browse by genre. you can also browse a nice selection of loops you can work with. If you like either the song or the loop you can add them to your Songtree audio editor. Here you can add your part (to an existing song) or start a new song with a loop and can also add EQ and FX. If you have collaborated on this track your take has also become a child of the song you downloaded hence the name. now you can see who adds to yours and creates a new branch. For a given track you have whats called a ‘Tree View’ where you can look at the various stages of the song and decide which points you would like to make a contribution. I have only had an initial look at this but right from the get go it seems to be a elegantly laid out app and a very nice concept and take on an idea that has a crowded market. If you follow this link to Discchord very quickly there are still invite codes available if you want to take part in the Open Beta!

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