songspace_2Songspace is a collaboration tool like all of the other sites / apps i have mentioned of course but coming from a slightly different angle. The onus here is to use the site or app to get your ideas / lyrics or notes for a project going and essentially all contained in one space so its not scattered all over the place. Then you come together with other participants in a real space to record your project / song. You can upload audio files or record them straight in if inspiration strikes. you can type in lyrics. Also you can use the app to embed other information like publishing splits each of the participants get. Theres a free version but also some priced versions targeted at pro or business users. I had a quick go of the app on my iPad. its quite tidy with a nice clean look / feel but seemed to be a bit
buggy with screen sizing issues. still this looks like a very good idea for a group of people who collaborate very much in the same space but want to keep on top of their projects!. Its availble on their website or for iPad / iPhone or Android.

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