procollabsProCollabs is an Online Music Collaboration site with a by now familiar layout but whose target audience is the serious / pro musician who wants to enter into a collaboration / project knowing ‘writing, performance, and production credits, as well as copyright shares in the songwriting and sound recording’ are fully agreed to and laid out before a project is created. The Creative Commons licensing system is normally used in Online Collaboration sites but ProCollabs seem to be taking this a stage further. At the moment its in Beta but when its up and running its going to be paid membership system. on the paying system ProCollabs say ‘By limiting our community to paid members only, we are able to minimise the likelihood of having the community overrun by individuals who are simply there for the purposes of self promotion and who are not genuinely interested in collaborating with others.’ . In terms of how collaboration will take place they seem to be offering the familiar model of offering an online project space where members can upload and download parts and communicate and develop their project. If your a more serious musician who might have been put off by other OMC sites for some of the reasons laid out above then this may be for you.

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  1. The PC Team says:

    Hi, we just want to give a huge thanks to you guys for writing a review about ProCollabs – totally unexpected but so very welcomed. Our sincere gratitude, and we hope you stop by our site, sign up & make some amazing music with us.

    Warmest regards,
    ~ The PC Team

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