musicticMusistic facilitates OMC in the form of a plug-in (Audio Unit / VST) so its not platform specific. this works along the lines of VST Connect performer and Source Elements Source Connect which we have spoken about in the past. Start a new session in your chosen DAW (Ableton, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Mixbus, Reaper, PreSonus Studio One, Pro Tools are supported and theres a generic download if you use others) and load the Musictic plug-in onto an empty track. Log into Musictic via the plug-in and create a project and record your track. a remote user can load the plug-in and (presumably after being invited to the session) can download the recorded track via the plug-in at their end. The website contains a specific tutorial for each DAW about how to go about this. this seems like a pretty straight forward and direct way to collaborate with others directly from your chosen DAW. if you want to try it out there is a free account so you can see if it suits you.

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