jamblasterRemember we told you about JamKazam back in August 2014?. JamKazam is an Online Music Collaboration solution for playing with people the world over in realtime. The guys at JamKazam analysed the data from users music sessions and realised that the amount of time spent just processing audio on their own computers was often as much or even more than the time required to transmit audio over the internet to each other!. Taking into account that audio interfaces were built for recording music and not for real-time streaming , the guys set about developing the JamBlaster!. The JamBlaster is a physical interface which they say ‘radically reduces audio processing latency, significantly increasing the distance / range over which musicians can play together. Currently the unit is available via their Kickstarter page while they try to raise the capital to take the unit into full production. if your interested in playing music in realtime with musicians on the other side of the globe this unit could be an essential part of your arsenal

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