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Drooble looks to be a one stop shop for any type of musical collaboration online as well as a social networking platform / band page. Theres quite a lot so just a quick overview of some of the features. You

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Looplabs is a new Cloud based Multi-Track DAW with a collaborative / remix angle. There are a number of Cloud based studios in this sort of vein out there now that i have mentioned on the site like Pickasound, Sofasession

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Flashband is a social networking platform specifically aimed at musicians. These guys have been around since 2012 it seems but they have relaunched with more features and more ways to connect with other musicians. A basic outline of how they

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ROLI acquire Blend

ROLI is a Hardware / Software technology start up based in London who specialise in design led interactive technologies. Check out their Grand soft keyboard. ROLI have acquired Blend, an OMC app we have mentioned a number of times on

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Groovecloud for Android update

Groovecloud the ‘social beat maker for Android’ which is very good indeed has updated to version 1.9. some of the new features are new session browser with a search function added now, splash screen redesign, new navigation buttons for song

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Recordtogether V2

I touched briefly on Recordtogether last year in a post on this site. it seems like they have undergone a bit of a major revamp and are in the process of launching Version 2. from having a quick browse of

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Pickasound is the brainchild of Toju Ometoruwa. he has spent 5 years promoting his music through social networks but realised creating music in isolation was limiting his ability to reach full potential. Pickasound has been targeted at ‘amateur musicians, producers

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Introducing Sofasession

Sofasession looks like another contender in a familiar Online Music Collaboration theme, but they have another trick up their sleeve! – Live Real-time jamming! . To use Sofasession you have to install their software (Windows or Mac) and i suspect

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Mixluv is Live

Mixluv the “social platform that provides musicians, songwriters and engineers the ability to meet, collaborate, and manage their world of music online” that i posted about on the site back in January has now gone live. Head over to the

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ProCollabs is an Online Music Collaboration site with a by now familiar layout but whose target audience is the serious / pro musician who wants to enter into a collaboration / project knowing ‘writing, performance, and production credits, as well

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