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Looplabs is a new Cloud based Multi-Track DAW with a collaborative / remix angle. There are a number of Cloud based studios in this sort of vein out there now that i have mentioned on the site like Pickasound, Sofasession

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Pickasound is the brainchild of Toju Ometoruwa. he has spent 5 years promoting his music through social networks but realised creating music in isolation was limiting his ability to reach full potential. Pickasound has been targeted at ‘amateur musicians, producers

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Songspace is a collaboration tool like all of the other sites / apps i have mentioned of course but coming from a slightly different angle. The onus here is to use the site or app to get your ideas /

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Social Network and Collaboration – Propellerhead

If you scroll back through the archives of this site you will come across a post i did about ‘Drop-to-Propellerhead’ which was an announcement about a new collaborative feature enabling users to upload songs to propellerheads website for collaboration. i

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Audiocommon is another OMC service using a by now very familiar theme – An artists community site where you can create a profile and host and manage music projects using the control panel and project pages of the site. aside

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Blend add support for 3 more DAWs

Blend the sophisticated Online Music Collaboration app that allows you to collaborate using your favourite DAW and Dropbox has now added support for Cubase, Nuendo and Bitwig Studio. that brings them to a total of 10 DAWs supported which is

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Collaborate about Climate Change!

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, a non profit organisation whose mission is to preserve and protect the Hudson River have launched the ‘Clearwater Build-A-Song contest’. The basic idea behind it being using Online Music Collaboration to build a song to help

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Mixluv is another addition to the community / collaboration / OMC Services model we are seeing crop up more and more. After reaching their funding goal through Kickstarter they are preparing to go live this year. so what have they

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Blend adds Reason Support

Blend have now added support for Reason, allowing sharing of in-progress music projects, tutorials, and sample packs. Music creators Paul Wilson (Lauryn Hill, Erin Barra), Justen Williams (Kourtney Hart), and Chris Freeman (Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books) have added some of

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Cubase 6.5 Connects to Soundcloud

With Steinbergs release of Cubase 6.5 they have included the ability to export recordings straight out of Cubase into Soundcloud making it a whole lot easier to share your work with others online.

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