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Playing for Change

The Playing for Change website is an inspiring site featuring some great little videos showing global online collaborations between people worldwide. They say – ‘Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The

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SongSilo is a basic cloud based multitrack sequencer where you can record tracks. When you sign in you have a home studio screen called ‘My Silo’. here you can create a new project. choose a project name and you also

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Composr is a DAW in the Cloud. at the moment the features are pretty basic but once you log in to Composr with your own user name and password (or log in with Facebook) you can browse the site for

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Chris Wilson – Browser Music

Heres an interesting interview with Chris Wilson who currently works at Google and has been working with web browsers since 1993. he is currently leading the Web Audio API team. here he discusses the current state of Web Audio and

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Collabra is a Louisville start up who have created this Cloud based tool for Online Music Collaboaration. it appears to work in the usual sort of way i.e. upload your parts and allow others to add parts or tweaks. Although

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A Beautiful Collaboration between two Tibetans (one in exile and one in Tibet)

Despite heavy censorship from China and working miles apart two Tibetans (one in exile and one, a Poet living in Tibet) came together to write a song to bring the world’s attention to their plight. This is an example where

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Kompoz the Online Music Collaboration site we talked about in the OMC Services section have launched a new sister site called Soundblend which features tracks created on Kompoz which you can buy. Artists who have made their tracks using Kompoz

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SongwriterLink works like many of the other OMC solutions out there in that you create a profile, search the site for a collaborator and ask them to collaborate when you find someone suitable. They differ in that they say they

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Web Audio Conference

WAC hosted in Paris is the first international Web Audio conference.The event takes place Janurary 26-27th 2015 and addresses web audio technologies and applications.They are actively seeking participation to the event and are calling for submissions from people who wish

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Music Gateway

Music Gateway describe themselves as an ‘All in one business platform for music professional worldwide’. Its a kind of overarching one stop shop for Music projects and you can use it to take a project from start right through to

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